Everything You Need to Know About the VI Peel

The VI Peel addresses fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation from sun damage, and melasma, and promotes smoother skin texture by refining pores, controlling oil, and stimulating collagen production. The downtime and discomfort are minimal. Described by its founders as a “great first-time peel for all age groups who want fresh, healthy, radiant skin.” The VI Peel is a fix-all for a variety of skin types and conditions. It infuses the skin with beneficial ingredients and is less about actually making the skin peel.

The VI Peel contains a blend of active ingredients including trichloroacetic acid (TCA), retinoic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, vitamin C, and a blend of minerals. These ingredients all have fantastic benefits, like improving texture and tone, rejuvenating the skin, and helping to prevent further damage. It also contains pain-numbing ingredients to reduce the burning sensation and most say they don’t feel any burning during the treatment. VI Peel infuses the skin with beneficial ingredients and is less about actually making the skin peel.

Benefits of the VI Peel

There are five different versions of the VI Peel available, each tailored to address a specific concern; however, the overall benefits include:

  • Reducing acne and acne scars: The VI Peel treats acne symptoms and reduces scarring caused by acne. It smooths skin texture, brightens dark areas, soothes inflammation, and increases collagen to plump depressed or pitted skin. Ice pick scars, rolling scars, and boxcar scars can all be treated. All scars respond differently to the VI Peel, and multiple sessions or a combination of treatments may be necessary.
  • Diminishing sun spots and hyperpigmentation: VI Peel’s synergistic blend of ingredients brightens skin, diminishes sun spots, and leaves the complexion glowing.
  • Smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles: Acids, antioxidants, and exfoliants penetrate deeply into the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production for a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance.


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