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Since the 1980's, the popularity of office-based cosmetic procedures has continued to rise for several reasons.

An office-based surgery provides you more privacy and attention than is usually available in a hospital setting. An accredited onsite operating suite also provides continuity – Dr. Ruff can depend, as can you, on the famliarity of the same anesthesiologist, OR nurses and OR techs who understand his procedures and attention to detail. He's never rushed nor rescheduled due to emergencies, as often happens in a hospital operating room.

Patient safety is assured in our accredited operating suite, as Dr. Ruff has access to the same life-saving equipment found in a hospital operating room. Further, since cosmetic patients aren't sick people, an onsite cosmetic suite hosts far fewer germs and bacteria than does a hospital. Therefore, our patients have a lower risk for infection, which can prolong recovery or result in revisional surgery to treat an infection and/or the additional scarring that an infection may cause.


Although these are obvious benefits for cosmetic surgery patients, it comes at a price, as does everything. Simple put, the ease of building office-based surgeries has created confusion and increased risks for patients seeking cosmetic surgery. In the "old days" when hospitals granted OR privileges to surgeons based on their area of specialty, the hospitals served as "gatekeepers" for patients. If a family doctor requested OR time to perform a cosmetic procedure, he or she was denied because he was not identified as a "plastic surgeon." With an office-based surgery suite, however, any physician can offer cosmetic procedures and perform them in his office, whether he has learned to perform liposuction over a weekend or perfected the procedure over many years of study in an accedited plastic surgery program.

We're delighted that you're evaluating our practice as a potential for your life-changing cosmetic procedure. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that Dr. Paul Ruff is not just board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, but he has taken additional fellowship training as well. This training, coupled with his innate sense of proportion and symmetry and his "artist's eye" enables him to provide beautiful results to his patients in a safe environment. We look forward to showing you our facility, and hope you enjoy the photos that will be added to our site when our office remodeling is completed!

Paul G. Ruff IV
M.D., F.A.C.S.

Personalized, compassionate patient care is the foundation of West End Plastic Surgery's philosophy. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Paul G. Ruff IV embraces innovative techniques to ensure our patients get the best treatments available.

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