Are all Facelifts the same?

Clearly no. “Facelift” is a simple word with a not so simple definition. Over the course of nearly a century many techniques have been described to rejuvenate the face. Early facelift surgery targeted only the skin and, while quick and easy to perform, resulted in unnatural results and poor scarring. Later, surgeons started addressing the deeper muscle layer of the face and neck. This layer is called the superficial muscular aponeurotic system or “SMAS”. By pulling on this more robust tissue one can achieve a better lift than using skin alone, however, the effects are variable and typically short-lived. This is the technique used by over 90% of plastic surgeons in the United States. More recently, newer techniques were described to go under the SMAS into the “deep plane”, where it is possible to release specific facial tethering points to allow maximal rejuvenation. This is the preferred approach in our practice and requires extensive training and experience to perform.

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