What is it?

Radiesse® is a non-surgical, cosmetic procedure that supplements your skin’s own depleted collagen to smooth out deep facial wrinkles and creases and minimize scars. It is injected just below the surface of the skin and is particularly effective smoothing out the deep wrinkles or creases that appear as folds between the nose and mouth or on the sides of the nose. Radiesse® contains the same compounds found in human bones and teeth so there is almost no risk of allergic reaction. Radiesse® is a safe and proven alternative to bovine collagen injections and solid facial implants.

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Radiesse® is approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been successfully used by thousands of men and woman over the last seven years. Treatment results are immediate and the results typically last several months. Of course, results may vary among individuals. Our providers will work with you to develop a collagen replacement program to meet your individual needs and to give you the results you desire.

Is it safe?

Radiesse® was approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nearly a decade ago and since then has undergone continued testing in accordance with strict FDA requirements. Thousands of men and women have used Radiesse® to safely and successfully smooth out deep facial wrinkles, creases, and folds. During your initial consultation, the staff at West End Plastic Surgery will address any safety concerns you have regarding the use of Radiesse®.

Where can it be used?

Radiesse® is injected just below the surface of the skin, filling in the deep creases and folds that often form between the nose and mouth and on either side of the nose. It can also be used to enhance the area surrounding the lips and to minimize acne scars. The doctor will determine which areas to inject with Radiesse® based on an evaluation of the skin on your face and neck.

How long does it last?

Radiesse® supplements your skin’s own depleted collagen, smoothing out wrinkles, minimizing scars, and improving the appearance of deep frown lines and nasal furrows. Radiesse® is a safe, effective, non-surgical wrinkle treatment that provides immediate, natural looking results. Depending on the area treated, the improvement in wrinkles, creases, and folds may last for several months or even years. Some touch-up treatments may be necessary. As with all cosmetic procedures, results may vary and it is best to discuss your individual case with Dr. Ruff and his staff at West End Plastic Surgery during your initial consultation


We’re as thrilled with our patients’ results as they are. Check out our before-and-after photo gallery and see for yourself the kind of work our talented surgeons do.

Your Treatment

Radiesse® is a collagen replacement therapy especially suited to smoothing out the deep wrinkles or creases that appear as folds between the nose and mouth or on the sides of the nose. No anesthesia is required for your Radiesse® treatment, although the doctor may numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream. The doctor uses an ultra-fine needle to inject Radiesse® into the areas of the face and neck that appear folded, creased, or wrinkled. Most patients compare the injection to the feeling of a small pinprick.

Unlike other dermal fillers, Radiesse® is not absorbed into your system, therefore, the provider does not need to overfill the wrinkled area. The entire treatment takes less than an hour, depending on the number of areas being treated. Results with Radiesse® are immediate, so you can determine at first glance if you are happy with the results or if you would like additional injections of Radiesse®. Usually one treatment is sufficient because Radiesse® is not absorbed by the body and is long lasting.

No recovery time is required; you may resume normal activity immediately. Side effects of the procedure are minimal, other than short-term swelling and redness in the areas of the injections. Results appear immediately and can last for several months or even years.

Pre Treatment Instructions

  • Prior to your Radiesse® treatment please make sure you have not been taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other blood thinning medications or supplements for 5-7 days.
  • Please come to your appointment with clean skin, free of any make-up or lotions/creams.
  • If you have a history of facial cold sores, please inform your provider about medications that may be taken to minimize risk of reoccurrence.

Post Treatment Instructions

  • A temporary amount of mild-moderate swelling and redness at the injection site can be expected immediately after treatment. This is a normal occurrence and will reduce over the next few days. Cold compresses or ice packs may be applied to the area as needed for comfort.
  • Bruising at the injection site is a commonly reported side effect. The extent and duration of bruising can be decreased by applying cold compresses and using a topical arnica gel within the first 24 hours after treatment.
  • It is normal to experience some tenderness at treatment site for a few days.
  • The injection site may be gently washed a few hours after treatment. Please avoid aggressive scrubbing, rubbing, or exfoliation until redness and swelling subsides.
  • Makeup may be applied shortly after treatment unless otherwise noted by treatment provider. Please make sure to apply gently over treatment site.
  • Avoid exercise or alcohol for 6 hours after treatment.
  • Do not have laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or any other aggressive treatments over treatment site for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • It is not uncommon to feel irregularities or undulations under the skin when pressing on the treated area, please do not massage unless otherwise directed by your provider.
  • Sunbathing or excessive UV exposure should be avoided until the redness and swelling has subsided

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