What eyelid surgery can and can’t do

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Many men and women in their mid-30s and older can benefit from eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty. This is because the natural aging process, genetics and environmental factors such as sun exposure can cause eyelids to droop and make you look older than you are. Read on to learn about what eyelid surgery can and […]

What to expect from eyelid surgery

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If your eyes are making you look more tired or older than you actually are, then it may be time to discuss eyelid surgery with your doctor. Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is a popular outpatient cosmetic surgery that benefits many people–men and women alike–over the age of 40. Read on to learn more […]

Which cosmetic injectable is best for my needs?


While Botox is a household name and the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers are growing in popularity because they can provide incredible results with no downtime. Here is what you should know about cosmetic injectables and what each of them do to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.  […]

What you need to know about Botox


Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what their secret was to flawless, youthful-looking skin? Chances are they have had Botox injection, as Botox is the No. 1 top-selling treatment of its kind around the world. When combined with facial fillers and other treatments as part of your rejuvenation plan, you can achieve a […]

Am I a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation?

Often women will have concerns about the appearance or function of their vaginal area but may not know there is something that can be done, or they may be too embarrassed to talk to their doctor about their concerns. Read on to learn more about the surgical and non-surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation and why […]

What are the different options for a neck lift?

So much attention is paid to the face when it comes to rejuvenating your appearance. But what about your neck? As we age, the neck tends to develop sagging skin, excess fat and develop muscle laxity around the jawline and neck. Jowls and “turkey neck” are some of patients’ biggest concerns when it comes to […]

What you need to know about breast augmentation revision

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States each year, with a high patient satisfaction rate. Sometimes, however, the results may not be what the patient wanted or there were unexpected complications. Occasionally, some women’s aesthetic goals change over time. A breast augmentation revision is a surgery […]

9 things you need to know about J-Plasma

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J-Plasma is one of the latest techniques in the rejuvenation of skin. But how much do you know about this revolutionary new treatment to remove fat and tighten skin? Read on for nine things you need to know about J-Plasma.      J-Plasma, also known as Renuvion, uses Cold Atmosphere Plasma (CAP) to tighten skin […]

What procedures can help with facial feminization or masculinization?

If you have been thinking about undergoing facial procedures so that your face matches your identity, there are many things to consider. This includes the range of procedures to achieve your desired outcome as well as the expertise of the surgeons to give you optimal results. Read on to learn more about the range of […]

Get a shapelier behind with a Brazilian butt lift

If you have flat or sagging skin in the buttocks and are bothered by the shape—or lack thereof—of your butt, then a Brazilian butt lift may be right for you. Here, we discuss some things you should know about this surgical procedure. A Brazilian butt lift shapes the buttocks with your own fat to give […]

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