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A New Approach to Scars with ResurFX

Unsightly scars, whether from acne, an incision, childbirth, or even a bug bite can be frustrating, annoying, and difficult to hide. And while concealer and foundation may offer some benefits, the application can be time consuming and cumbersome, especially for larger scars or scars in hard-to-reach places like on the back and—it’s not permanent. Every day you have to start all over with a fresh application. If you are seeking a permanent solution to visible scars, it’s time to come chat about ResurFX™, the latest thinking in laser skin therapy for scars. ResurFX is a fractional, non-ablative laser resurfacing procedure that creates areas or ‘zones’ of heat … Continue reading

Lift and Tone: The Beautiful, Reliable, Efficient ThermiRF

Aging happens in different ways. The fact that we cannot deny though, is that aging happens. We see ourselves differently than when we were younger. Things aren’t quite in the same place. Skin is a little bit looser. And we don’t match that vision that we have of ourselves when we felt like we were at our best. We also wish that we had the knowledge and wisdom that we have now when we looked at our best. What a great combination that would be. In today’s busy world, keeping ourselves the best that we can be with the least … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation Surgery – So Many Choices!

Breast augmentation is one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States and the world.  In the US alone, hundreds of thousands of augmentations are performed each year!  It has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any plastic surgery procedure.  There are many choices that have to be made before surgery to provide you with the optimal result.  Choosing the right surgeon as your guide throughout this process is the first and most critical choice.  Characteristics to look for are experience, board certification in plastic surgery, and how well you connect with your surgeon.  It is also … Continue reading

Art Work at West End Plastic Surgery – Hamid Lagder

With the office renovations at West End Plastic Surgery to almost complete, we are happy to announce that we have added yet another component to our renovations – Art Work. We are pleased to present to you Hamid Lagder’s art! Born and raised in Morocco in a small village northwest of Marrakesh, Hamid Lagder has always been fascinated by the art of painting from an early age. He enjoys painting abstract art, landscapes and cityscapes in addition to pop portraits. Hamid uses acrylic and mixed media on canvas to achieve a variety of unique textures and vivid colors. His work … Continue reading

Not All Mommy Makeovers Are the Same

Some women’s bodies bounce back after having a baby, no worse for wear. More often, though, the physical toll that occurs after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can transform the body so much that a woman may never again think of shopping for a bikini. A Mommy Makeover — which typically includes a tummy tuck and breast augmentation at our Washington, D.C. practice — can restore not only your body, but your confidence, too. One of the benefits of mommy makeover surgery is that our surgeons customize a combination of procedures to address the specific concerns of each patient. That may … Continue reading

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