What are the differences between breast implant types?

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, breast augmentation can reshape your breasts and improve your self-confidence. If you’ve been thinking about undergoing this surgery, you’re probably wondering which implant type is best for you – saline or silicone gel. Here are the differences between the two. Saline Both saline and silicone gel implants have silicone… Read More »

How to prepare for laser hair reduction

If you’re ready to be done with shaving, waxing, tweezing and other methods to remove unwanted hair, then laser hair reduction may be right for you. It’s a common cosmetic procedure that used pulsed laser energy to beam light directly into hair follicles. The pigment in the follicle absorbs the light, which then destroys the… Read More »

Is it possible to freeze away stubborn fat?

If you’ve been following a strict diet and exercise routine, but you still have stubborn, unwanted fat pockets, CoolSculpting may be right for you. CoolSculpting is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive fat freezing technology that can help you get rid of unwanted bulges of fat safely and effectively. This popular treatment is FDA-cleared for freezing fat in… Read More »

West End Plastic Surgery| Brow lift

7 things to expect from eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery can give your eyes a youthful appearance by removing the puffy areas or “bags” under the eyes, removing excess skin on upper and lower eyelids, or restoring the natural crease line in your upper eyelids. Here are seven things you can expect from this popular procedure:   Surgery is performed on an outpatient… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2020
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Moroccan Art Exhibition

Back by popular demand.. Please join us as we welcome the return of Hamid Lagder to WEPS and his new Moroccan art exhibition on January 24th, 2020 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM.

How cosmetic injectables work to erase wrinkles and fine lines

Cosmetic injectables continue to rise in popularity as a non-surgical treatment to erase wrinkles or restore youthful volume in your face. There are so many options, so what is the difference between them, and which is the best for you? BOTOX® treats dynamic wrinkles Injectables such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeauveu treat different wrinkles… Read More »

6 benefits of breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is a life-changing surgery, often giving women the size and fullness they’ve always wanted or once had. More than 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed in the United States each year, making it the most popular cosmetic procedure. While each woman has their own reason for breast enhancement and look they desire, here… Read More »

  • Posted on: Dec 31 2019
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West End Plastic Surgery

5 things you may not know about a tummy tuck

There are several reasons why people get a tummy tuck. Many women want to get rid of the remaining “pooch” from childbearing. Men and women who have lost a substantial amount of weight may have trouble getting rid of the loose, sagging skin around the abdominal area. If you are considering a tummy tuck, here… Read More »

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