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Hormones: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Most women understand all too well what the concept of being “hormonal” means. Usually thoughts of PMS, moodiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, fatigue, and overall just feeling cruddy come to mind. For those who don’t understand it, hormonal imbalances are a convenient excuse for a woman’s unpleasant disposition. The reality is that hormone imbalances are a valid medical issue that negatively affects one’s relationships, work, and health. What are hormones? Hormones are chemical substances produced in the body that control and regulate the activity of certain cells or organs. Hormones are secreted by special glands and are then sent … Continue reading

Did Bill Clinton have facial plastic surgery?

I was watching the Democratic National convention last night, specifically Bill Clinton’s speech, and I couldn’t help but think about how good he looked. I started looking a little closer and noticed that his neckline looked sharp, clean, and rejuvenated. As a facial plastic surgeon, I take photographs of all my patients and understand that the smallest inconsistency between photos can make someone look different. Especially in the era of selfies, one can change the way their nose, mouth, and eyes look by just turning their head at a different angle. I looked through a number of photos and have … Continue reading

Two Reasons people seek a Revision Rhinoplasty

People seek a revision rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons. In my practice, the two main reasons that people come for a revision rhinoplasty consultation are that they have an aesthetic or cosmetic concern from their previous rhinoplasty, or equally important, the inability to breathe through their nose. In cases of revision rhinoplasty, I frequently see that many of the elements that provide structure to the nose have been over-resected.  This frequently leads to breathing problems because much of the support has been altered. Part of the treatment involves re-creating the structure of the nose to restore the integrity and … Continue reading

Stop underarm sweating with one simple treatment: Botulinum Toxin

As the warmer weather creeps up on us, I’m reminded of a time when my underarms would be the first indicator that this was the case. I had used countless antiperspirants and still had no luck to prevent the excessive sweating from occurring.  Having performed Botox on many patients each week, I finally decided to have Botox placed in my underarms to curb the sweating. I tell my patients all the time about the benefits of Botox not only as a relaxer of the lines on the face, but also to minimize sweating. It has been several months since I … Continue reading

5 Winter Skin Care Tips: Eliminate Dry Skin

Winter can be a particularly trying time for your skin. I speak with my clients all the time about how the cold and dry weather can cause irritation and unwanted redness. Here are 5 tips that will prevent you from falling victim to the harsh elements: 1) Use a mild cleanser: A hydrating, nonabrasive cleanser will leave your skin soft and avoid the irritation from some of the harsher cleansers on the market. My personal favorite is Le Mieux’s Peptide Foam Cleanser. It is gentle enough to not cause irritation and yet is still able to remove surface impurities and lift … Continue reading

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