Back to Basics: 3 Basics Of J-Plasma For Your Face

J-Plasma | West End Plastic Surgery | Washington DC Unless you’re some sort of superhuman like Cindy Crawford, you are going to start showing some signs of aging probably around your 30’s or 40’s. Some of the biggest complaints that we hear from our patients about their skin. Typically, they say that their skin has less collagen, elasticity, and the developed fine lines and wrinkles. And although there are fillers and surgeries that can help correct these issues, here at West End Plastic Surgery, we have another option that is gaining more and more popularity: J- Plasma.

What Is J-Plasma?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of skincare treatments like platelet-rich plasma or PRP, but J-Plasma is very different. This unique technology uses cold plasma energy underneath the skin to help tighten, lift, and rejuvenate the face and neck from the inside out. After application, the cold plasma technology works to create an instant skin contraction. This skin contraction improves laxity and tightens the skin.

What is Cold Plasma Energy?

Cold plasma energy is created with helium gas— yes, you read that right, helium gas. Radiofrequency energy energizes the helium gas. Then, our staff can deliver the helium gas through the J-Plasma device.

What Are the Benefits of Cold Plasma?

There are several unique benefits of cold plasma energy. These benefits include safety it’s safer because there’s less of a risk than other procedures. Additionally, there is a shorter recovery and less of a chance that surrounding tissues will be damaged during this procedure. Who doesn’t want immediate results? With J-Plasma, you will walk out of our office with tighter skin.

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