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Art Work at West End Plastic Surgery – Hamid Lagder

With the office renovations at West End Plastic Surgery to almost complete, we are happy to announce that we have added yet another component to our renovations – Art Work. We are pleased to present to you Hamid Lagder’s art!

Born and raised in Morocco in a small village northwest of Marrakesh, Hamid Lagder has always been fascinated by the art of painting from an early age. He enjoys painting abstract art, landscapes and cityscapes in addition to pop portraits. Hamid uses acrylic and mixed media on canvas to achieve a variety of unique textures and vivid colors. His work reflects the cultures and colors of the three countries where he lived — Morocco, Russia and the U.S. — and often has a Moroccan influence. Hamid currently resides in northeast Washington, DC.

The art pieces you are about to see are FOR SALE, so if you would like to purchase or get more information on them, please contact our office at (202) 785-4187.


These pieces were influenced by many of the vibrant cities of his native country and by American pop culture.

Feel free to contact Hamid Lagder directly if you are interested in his art. Delivery and installation is available.

Phone: (240) 252-0095

Email: hamid_lagder@yahoo.com

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