8 reasons to consider breast augmentation surgery

Even though it’s one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures each year, breast augmentation surgery is a personal decision for all patients. Each patient has different reasons for wanting to change the size and shape of their breasts. Here are some of the top reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Pregnancy has changed the appearance of your breasts. Pregnancy and nursing can cause your breasts to sag and have a deflated appearance. A breast augmentation may also be performed with a breast lift to place your breasts into a youthful appearance.
  2. You’ve lost a lot of weight. Fluctuations in weight can contribute to the loss of volume and sagging appearance of the breasts. A breast lift may also be indicated for patients who want to restore a youthful appearance to their breasts.
  3. You have asymmetrical breasts. If one breast is a different size than the other, breast augmentation surgery can correct this difference. Women who have asymmetrical breasts find it difficult to shop for properly fitting bras, bikini tops and other clothing.
  4. Your breasts didn’t fully develop. Women who have micromastia have underdeveloped breasts, which may be due to hormones or genetics.
  5. You need to reconstruct one or both breasts after breast cancer surgery. If you’ve had a mastectomy, a breast augmentation may be advised as part of your reconstruction plan to help you feel like yourself again after breast cancer treatment.
  6. You want to boost self-esteem. This surgery has a high patient satisfaction rate, and women find an improvement in self-esteem and confidence after undergoing surgery.
  7. You are in good health and have realistic expectations for surgery. Even though breast augmentation surgery has high patient satisfaction, it’s important to understand the limitations and what to expect with your results.
  8. You understand the risks with surgery. All surgeries come with risk, but you can ensure a safe and effective outcome by closely following pre- and post-surgical instructions provided to you by your surgical team.

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