How to Get a Little Spring In Your Step

Health Now that things are finally starting to really warm up here in DC, you may have a big list of fun things to do this summer. Whether you are planning on staying in town or if you’re traveling somewhere tropical, if you suffer from fatigue, you may be wondering how you’ll ever find the energy to really enjoy the warm weather. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways that you can add a little spring in your step during the summer.



When was the last time that you had a really good workout? If you can say that you truly can’t remember, then your body may be missing out on some of those necessary endorphins that can keep you excited, awake, and energized. Try taking a new workout class with some friends. Having other people’s energy with you as you push through something fun like cycling is a great way to keep you motivated and excited.


Get Meyer’s Cocktails

No, we aren’t saying that you should go to the bar every day and grab a cocktail after work (that might actually make you even more tired), but here at our office, we offer patent a form of IV therapy called Meyer’s cocktail. This vitamin-infused IV treatment helps to treat patients with a variety of different conditions like fatigue. Typically, we will tell patients to plan on getting treatments spaced every few weeks apart, but depending on how well you react to the treatment, we may adjust that.


Watch the Caffeine

A cup of coffee may help you get up in the morning but if you are drinking too much caffeine it may lead to a caffeine crash later on in the day. Try to cut down on your caffeine intake and instead, drink more water. You may realize that you really don’t need that much caffeine and that you have even more energy than before.


Suffering from fatigue is really hard to deal with and it can sometimes feel debilitating. Rather than giving up on hope and missing out on fun summer activities, try these simple tips. To learn more about IV therapy, contact our Washington DC office and call us at 202-785-4187


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