Turn Back Time (Almost) With a Facelift

cosmetic surgeon drawing on senior woman face The signs of aging are a natural part of life. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck without options if wrinkles have become more apparent on your face when you look in the mirror. There are countless methods in which the dial of time can be turned back (at least visually) on your face, one of which is the widely sought-after facelift surgery. And don’t worry; facelifts have no upper age limit on when they can be effective. Whether you’re 30 or 70, there are various facelift techniques—such as mini-lifts, deep plane facelifts, and traditional facelifts—that could help you achieve a more youthful visage.

To illustrate just how beneficial it could be, here’s what receiving a facelift could mean for you:

Return Your Skin’s Elasticity

Elasticity refers to your skin’s ability to conform tightly and comfortably to your body. As skin ages, it can become less elastic, causing it to droop and sag, which can not only cause physical discomfort but can also have a negative impact on one’s self-perception. Thankfully, one of the main aspects of your face that a facelift is able to address is skin elasticity—thereby helping the skin look trim and tight against the best features of your face.

Reduce Signs of Deep Wrinkles

Though wrinkles may represent an aesthetic of wisdom and experience for some, they are an issue that can make others appear older than they are or older than they would simply like to look. Through a well-handled facelift, deep wrinkles—or those which are deeper and more prominent around the forehead and eyes—can be undone by “lifting” the face with a series of minimally invasive incisions.

Rid Yourself of Jowls

It’s not just the skin around your cheeks and eyes that can lose some elasticity over time; the areas along your jawline and neck can also sag and create jowls that are often actively unwanted. Through the same facelift techniques used for the above benefits, you could have a wonderfully revitalized neck and face with just one quick procedure.

Rejuvenate Your Neck and Face With West End Plastic Surgery

If you feel like a facelift is exactly what you need to boost your self-confidence, then don’t hesitate to reach out to West End Plastic Surgery today at 202-785-4187. Operating as a premier cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Washington, DC, their team proudly serves the greater DMV area.


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