4 things you should know about a brow lift surgery

Many of us, at one time or another, have taken our fingers and pulled up our forehead to see what it would look like if we had a brow lift. So why not take it to the next level and get the brow lift to smooth the forehead, raise your eyebrows and minimize lines and wrinkles? If you’re interested in learning about a brow lift, here are a few things you should know:

A brow lift is most often performed on women and men between the ages of 40 and 60. You must be in good overall health to have the surgery, no matter your age at the time of surgery. If you smoke or drink excessively, you will need to quit before surgery.

A brow lift is often performed with other procedures. Often, a brow lift is performed with a facelift or eyelid surgery.

The surgery takes 1-3 hours and usually on an outpatient basis. The surgery is performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. If your brow lifts if extensive or combined with other procedures, you may need to stay in the hospital 1-2 nights.

There are two ways to perform a brow lift. You and your plastic surgeon will determine which method is right for you. For a traditional brow lift or coronal brow lift, an incision is made from one ear, runs across the top of the head and ends at the other ear. The resulting scar is hidden just beneath the hairline. The forehead skin is lifted away from the underlying tissues and trimmed, while muscles are repositioned before excess skin is trimmed. The remaining skin is re-draped over the forehead and the incision is closed.

In an endoscopic brow lift, the surgeon makes a few, shorter incisions near the hairline. A viewing instrument called an endoscope is inserted through one of the incisions to see beneath the skin. Other instruments are inserted through the other incisions to lift the skin and reposition muscles.

If you live in Alexandria, Reston or surrounding areas and are interested in discussing your cosmetic goals, including how a brow lift can help, call our office at 202-785-4187 to schedule a consultation.


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