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Beautiful hair woman healthy skin and hairstyle beauty The eyes are the often the first area of the face that show the signs of aging. Sagging, wrinkles and puffiness can make you look tired or older than you are. If this sounds like you, then you may be a candidate for eyelid surgery.

Read on to learn more about this plastic surgery procedure and why it’s so popular among patients as they age.

  • Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty or eyelid lift, removes excess fat and skin from the upper and lower eyelids, corrects drooping upper lids and reduces puffy bags below the eyes.
  • Eyelid surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure among both men and women. It’s a safe, effective procedure that delivers subtle results. No one will know you had work done unless you tell them, but they will notice that you have a more refreshed appearance.
  • One of the reasons why it’s so popular is because incisions on both the upper and lower eyelids are designed to be hidden. On the upper eyelid, the incision is made at the natural crease, and the remaining scar will fade and soften over time. On the lower eyelid, the incision is made at the lash line or inside so that the scar isn’t visible or as visible. Incisions are closed with very small stitches.
  • In most cases, this surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. If your surgery is extensive or combined with other procedures, you may need an overnight stay in the hospital.
  • Patients can start wearing makeup again about a week after surgery, at which time they can return to work or school and other activities. You can drive as soon as you feel comfortable. You’ll want to avoid strenuous activities for at least three weeks after surgery.
  • Your scars may look slightly pink for six months or longer, but will fade into a nearly invisible white line. It’s important that you protect the scars from sunlight for at least a year after surgery to keep them from discoloration or darkening.

Thinking eyelid surgery could be right for you? Call (202) 750-5189 today to schedule a consultation.


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