Can CO2 Improve Your Skin?

CO2 Resurfacing | Washington, D.C When you think about the perfect way to take care of your skin, you may think that things like microdermabrasion and fillers are the only ways to go. Although we recommend these things as a part of regular skin care, we have a few other things that we may recommend that you do every so often like CO2 resurfacing.

What’s CO2 Resurfacing?

This non-surgical treatment is designed to help patients treat a variety of skincare issues like pigmentation, scarring, and fine lines across the face. As a form of laser skin resurfacing, this laser emits CO2 which is then absorbed by water in the skin. The results? Smoother, younger looking skin in just one hour or less. Unlike other CO2 laser resurfacing treatments that take multiple treatments in order for patients to see results, here at our office we use a CO2 treatment called Active FX which works to deliver patients with real results after just one treatment.

How Does Active FX Work?

As previously mentioned, Active FX is a type of CO2 laser resurfacing that works to improve signs of aging on the skin. When the laser light interacts with the skin’s surface, it causes the upper layer of the skin to peel off, which in turn, regenerates a layer of healthier skin in the process.

Am I a Good Candidate for Active FX?

The only real way for us to answer that question is for you to come into our office for a consultation. During your skin care consultation, one of our dotos will have you fill out paperwork, answer some questions, and then we will do a brief examination of your skin. If you are a good candidate for this treatment, we will usually schedule your treatment appointment for another time.

If you want to learn more about Active FX and how it can improve your skin, then schedule a consultation with us at our Washington DC office and call 202-785-4187.


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