Preparing for Skin Reduction Surgery

Body Shaping Spa And Slimming. Losing weight is one of the most thrilling experiences that a person can have. The hard work, dedication, and determination it takes to achieve weight loss cannot be understated.  Once a person has lost substantial weight, there is a high potential to carry excess skin. This extra skin is in response to the body accommodating a large frame, and it has lost its elasticity over time, causing it to stretch. The result can leave you displeased, reviving insecurities about how you look. While this can put a damper on your weight loss accomplishment, there is a solution to the problem.

To rid yourself of the burden of excess skin, reduction surgery can be what you need to get the joy of your weight loss back.

What Qualifies You for Skin Reduction Surgery?

There is a criterion to meet before getting cleared for skin removal surgery.

Before getting cleared you must:

  •  Maintain your ideal weight goal for a minimum of six months after significant weight loss.
  • Stay in good health
  • Continue with a healthy diet
  • Quit Smoking
  • And manage your post-surgery expectations, as the surgery will not bring your body to “perfection”.

Preparing for Surgery

You’ve worked hard to lose weight, but excess skin can taint your excitement. When you’re cleared for skin removal surgery, you still have some work to do to have a safe, efficient procedure. First, be mindful of your diet. The hard work you’ve put in can’t go to waste, which is why monitoring your diet before your procedure is essential. Avoid empty calorie foods, and make sure that your diet consists of plenty of iron, as it will help in the recovery process. Also, make arrangements for transportation after your procedure. Be sure to reach out to family or a friend that can drive you to and from your surgery. It is also beneficial to have help available upon returning home, as you will need assistance with daily tasks. Take caution, and avoid straining yourself at all costs.

After Your Procedure

Once your surgery is complete, you can expect some scarring from the incisions. Also, pain can last for several weeks. Be sure to monitor your bandages and change them frequently to avoid infections. Also, it’s recommended to avoid strenuous activities for six weeks while your body heals. At Westend Plastic Surgery, we are happy to help you on your journey to the body of your dreams. Don’t let excess skin rob you of your confidence.

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