What is ALMI™?

ALMI™ stands for Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injections. Breaking down the name further, autologous means from the patient, lipocyte indicates that it is fat, and micronized means processed.

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ALMI™ are processed fat injections that can be injected into the patient for a variety of benefits. This is a technique that was developed and perfected by distinguished physicians and experts in regenerative medicine.

What makes ALMI™ stand apart from traditional fillers is that it is 100% natural. These injections are made of your own cells and tissues, which are then injected to rejuvenate and restore certain areas of your body. ALMI™ leverages your body’s natural resources to accelerate the restoration and regeneration of damaged or injured tissues. This is an all-natural approach that is safe and provides long-lasting treatment for a variety of indications including facial rejuvenation, hands, hair restoration, and sexual wellness.

At West End Plastic Surgery in Washington, D.C. our providers have had extensive training in this unique procedure to ensure the safety and efficacy of each treatment. If you are looking for an all-natural way to rejuvenate, ALMI™ may be the right treatment for you. Schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons or our highly trained Nurse Practitioners to see if you are a candidate.


How Does ALMI™ Work?

As we age, we lose collagen and even experience a loss in volume in our skin. By age 50, most people have up to 50% collagen loss. ALMI™ works by using our own regenerative cells and tissues to restore lost volume, texture, and tone of our skin.

What To Expect For ALMI™ Treatment

The entire ALMI™ treatment is done right in our Washington, D.C. office and only takes about an hour. Your provider will harvest a small amount of tissue using a needle-sized cannula under local anesthetic. This tissue is typically harvested from the abdomen or flank, depending on where your fat stores on your body. The fat is then processed to remove any unwanted removal and the remaining fat is liquified to be used for injections. A small amount of blood may be drawn for PRP injections as well.

Your will be injected in a similar manner to that of dermal fillers, based on the desired outcome and areas to be treated. Once you and your provider are satisfied with the injected fat, the PRP is then injected in similar locations. After your treatment, you are able to leave the office and resume your daily activities. Your provider will provide you any post-procedure instructions.

Areas Treated with ALMI™ Injections

ALMI™ injections are used to treat a multitude of medical and aesthetic applications. Our physicians can treat the following areas and issues

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Hair
  • Sexual Wellness (FemShot)

Face & Hand Rejuvenation With ALMI™

With aging, our skin loses collagen and we start to notice the loss in volume and texture in our face. We may also encounter skin damage due to sun exposure, tanning, smoking, or weight loss. Most of us start to wish that we have that youthful glow and appearance we had in our twenties. ALMI™ injections can reverse many signs of aging and can improve your facial features in the following ways:

  • Fill out hallowed areas around the mouth or temple
  • Smooth out wrinkles and lines
  • Define the jawline and chin area
  • Restore texture, tone, and elasticity
  • Plump lips for a fuller appearance
  • Remove lines around the lips

ALMI™ can also be injected into the hands to rejuvenate, smooth and plump the skin for a more youthful appearance. You can see results for your face and hands immediately after treatment and the treated areas may also improve over time.

ALMI™ For Hair Restoration

Nearly 70% of men and 40% of women are affected by hair loss. This can result in a loss of confidence and is typically a difficult area to treat. Whether you have a receding hairline, a balding area, or lack of fullness and volume, ALMI™ is an all-natural solution for hair restoration. During treatment, the fat injections are placed directly into your hairline. Once these stem cells are administered, they have the ability to re-activate dormant hair follicles, forming new cells, which results in the regeneration of hair growth. Our patients typically see results during the next cycle of hair growth and see improvement over time.

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Sexual Wellness With ALMI™ FemShot

Lack of intimacy is very common for women that have vaginal health conditions due to aging and menopause. With ALMI™ FemShot, women can rediscover themselves and be intimate again! The FemShot works by re-activating the production of new collagen, which re-establishes the vaginal mucosa you used to have. The ALMI™ FemShot improve the overall functionality of the treated area and can improve any dryness and pain you have experienced. The FemShot allows women to feel more confident and become more intimate with their partners. The FemShot has been shown to improve the following conditions:

  • Signs of childbirth and aging
  • Vaginal atrophy, tone, flexibility, and shape
  • Dryness, itchiness, and pain
  • Incontinence
  • Painful intercourse

Schedule A Consultation

If you are interested in natural rejuvenation with ALMI™, contact West End Plastic Surgery. Call us at 202-785-4187 to schedule a consultation with one of our providers. Our practice serves Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas.

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