A non-surgical option for skin tightening

Legs crossed of young woman resting by swimming pool. If you want to erase years of sun damage and tighten loose skin but don’t want to go under the knife yet, then you would be thrilled to know there is a non-surgical procedure for skin tightening called Renuvion. Also known as J-Plasma, Renuvion tightens loose skin without requiring much downtime or scars from surgery. Read on to learn more facts about this revolutionary treatment to help you achieve a more youthful, more confident look.

  • Renuvion resurfaces skin from above and tightens skin below the skin’s surface by using cold plasma energy to encourage skin to regrow new cells. The Renuvion energy is applied under the skin, heating the collagen and other structures to the temperature needed for optimal tissue contraction. This heating happens quickly, and tissue is cooled back to the baseline immediately.
  • While any area of the body can benefit from Renuvion treatment, the most common treatment areas include the abdomen, breasts, back, arm, thighs and neck.
  • Candidates for Renuvion have mild to moderate excess skin but do not want surgical scarring, incisions or downtime.
  • Renuvion works in one single treatment. Patients will see results soon after the procedure but will continue to see results as the skin tightens over the next several months and year. This is because the skin is remodeling during this time and depositing new collagen.
  • On the lower face, jawline and neck, Renuvion is used to resurface the skin surface. A special facial hand piece tightens upper and lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, lip lines and jowls.
  • On the rest of the body, Renuvion is used under the skin surface to tighten the skin above it.
  • For patients who undergo Renuvion skin resurfacing, you will need up to two weeks of downtime due to the redness and recovery needed. For patients who undergo Renuvion tightening only, you can return to normal activities within just a few days.

Renuvion is a popular treatment as it can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to maximize your aesthetic goals and outcomes for a more youthful you. If you are interested in learning more about Renuvion or J-Plasma and whether this treatment would be ideal to achieve your aesthetic goals, call (202) 750-5189 today to schedule a consultation.


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