Why You Should Treat Yourself to An IPL This Month

The air is cooling down, the leaves are starting to change colors, and it’s safe to say that nothing’s quite as beautiful as fall in the DC area. With so many things changing with the weather and with the new season, we thought it would be fun to talk about why we believe September is the perfect time of year to get one of our popular treatments; an IPL.

What’s an IPL?

IPL or intense pulsed light therapy is a treatment that can be used on patients with all different types of skin. By using tiny beams of light, an IPL works to target tissues on the skin such as scarring and sunspots.

Why September?

After a long summer, your skin may be looking and feeling a little bit wrecked. If you got a few more sunspots and freckles on your skin than you meant to this summer, then an IPL can help you get rid of them. During your treatment, we will use these precise beams to target the melanin in the skin and break it up. Over a few weeks, your skin will bring the pigmentation to the surface in the form of a scab and then it will slough off.

Not only is September the perfect time of year to get an IPL because the summer is over, but it’s also the perfect time of year because you won’t be spending time out in the sun. We always tell our IPL patients to get the treatment done during a time of year when they aren’t going to be exposing their skin to more sun because it will essentially make your treatment moot.

Having a few freckles on your nose can be cute, but having age spots or sunspots all over your face can make you feel haggard. If you want to learn more about IPL’s, contact our Washington DC office today at 202-785-4187.


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