Candidates for tummy tuck surgery

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your tummy, no matter having tried the best diet and exercise programs out there, then a tummy tuck may have crossed your mind. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, consists of removing excess fat and skin and tightening abdominal muscles to help you achieve a flatter contour to your tummy. Here are some criteria for what makes a good candidate for surgery.

  • You want to get your pre-pregnancy body back and are struggling with that last bit of stubborn fat and loose skin and weak muscles around the abdomen. A tummy tuck is often combined with other procedures such as a breast lift or breast augmentation to help women achieve the curves they desire.
  • You’ve tried regular diet and exercise and still have an abdominal “pooch” that won’t go away.
  • You are at or near your ideal body weight and need extra help to get rid of that little pooch.
  • You are in good overall health and have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the outcome of a tummy tuck.
  • You understand that a tummy tuck is not a weight-loss program.
  • You are committed to a healthy lifestyle to maintain results. While it’s important to be at or near your ideal body weight before you consider surgery, it’s just as important to follow the same healthy lifestyle after surgery to maintain the results of your surgery. Avoid tobacco and don’t drink alcohol to excess.
  • You have a good amount of time set aside for recovery from surgery. Most patients will need about two weeks before they can return to work and regular activities. Strenuous exercise and similar activities should be avoided for at least six weeks.

A tummy tuck is a great option for anyone wanting to get rid of excess skin and fat in the abdominal area, it smooths and firms the lower stomach and abdomen and sculpts the waistline for a more toned aesthetic.

If you’re interested in seeing whether you are a candidate for a tummy tuck, call our office at 202-785-4187 to schedule a consultation.


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