We would like to take a moment to talk to you about ThermiVA.

This is a revolutionary new procedure to treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, helping to restore self-confidence and improving interpersonal relationships.  Having children comes with many wonderful blessings’ however, incontinence or leaking with laughing, sneezing and exercise is a frequent consequence of stretching the pelvic floor.  Many women will avoid exercise because they are afraid of a leak spot on their clothes.  Nearly 1 in 2 women that are peri-menopausal suffer from vaginal atrophy.  Common symptoms are dryness, itching, painful intercourse, incontinence, and loss of orgasms during intercourse.  These symptoms may have a significant impact on many areas of life including:  relationships, feeling healthy and attractive, and participating in activities and travel.  Until recently, discussion of these issues has been taboo.

ThermiVA uses temperature controlled radio frequency to stimulate new collagen formation which tones and tightens the tissues of the external and internal vaginal region.  Patients often notice significant improvement after one treatment, but 2-3 treatments are recommended for optimal effect. In the pivotal study, all patients reported improvement in external appearance, incontinence, internal lubrication,  and satisfaction during sexual intercourse.  All patients completing the full course of treatment were very satisfied and strongly agreed that they would recommend the procedure.

As you can see, this truly a revolutionary treatment.  The best candidates are women aged 25-55 who have finished having children and suffer from any of the symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy.  To learn more check out ThermiVA or Contact our office. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Remove the stigma, open up the conversation and regain control!


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