Is it possible to freeze away stubborn fat?

If you’ve been following a strict diet and exercise routine, but you still have stubborn, unwanted fat pockets, CoolSculpting may be right for you. CoolSculpting is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive fat freezing technology that can help you get rid of unwanted bulges of fat safely and effectively.

This popular treatment is FDA-cleared for freezing fat in numerous problem areas such as around the love handles, abdomen and thighs, underneath the buttocks, along the back and upper arm, under the chin and along the jawline. There’s little to no downtime, so you can resume work and normal activities right away.

During your CoolSculpting treatment, a clear gel pad will be applied to the treatment area as a barrier between the fat freezing device and your skin. The device is then positioned on the problem area and controlled cooling is applied. You may feel a little pressure, pulling, tugging, tingling and intense cold and stinging at first, but these sensations dissipate, quickly as the treatment area becomes numb.

During treatment, you can sit back and relax, read or watch TV while the device does the work. A brief massage on the area after the device is removed will help break up the treated fat cells, enhancing fat reduction.

Once the targeted fat cells are crystallized and die, your body will naturally process and eliminate the dead cells. Once the treated fat cells are gone, they are gone for good.

Results aren’t immediate but they’re worth the wait. You will begin to see results in just four weeks but your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to six months.

While CoolSculpting is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, it is not a weight-loss treatment. Often, the results motivate many patients to take better care of themselves after treatment, you can gain weight. The frozen fat cells won’t grow back, but the remaining fat cells can increase in size when you gain weight.

If you live in Washington, D.C., or surrounding areas, and want to learn more about CoolSculpting to free away stubborn fat, call our office at 202-785-4187 to speak with a staff member and schedule a consultation.


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