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Aging happens in different ways. The fact that we cannot deny though, is that aging happens. We see ourselves differently than when we were younger. Things aren’t quite in the same place. Skin is a little bit looser. And we don’t match that vision that we have of ourselves when we felt like we were at our best. We also wish that we had the knowledge and wisdom that we have now when we looked at our best. What a great combination that would be.

In today’s busy world, keeping ourselves the best that we can be with the least amount of downtime is a big hurdle. Nothing replaces a surgical result quite yet, however non-invasive and micro-invasive technology continues to improve. One device that we have been exceedingly pleased with is ThermiRF.  Thermi uses radio-frequency energy to start a chain reaction of remodeling leading to tighter skin and a more toned appearance. Take note that this is only a single treatment. I like seeing my patients regularly and having great relationships with them, but in this city that needs efficiency, Thermi delivers.  Radio frequency has been used in medicine for quite some time. Since the turn-of-the-century, its use in cosmetic applications has only improved.

After a relatively brief one to one and a half hour treatment (that can often be performed under only local anesthesia), you should be able to progressively see a more refined jaw line and toned neck, lifted and more youthful breasts, a tighter abdomen, less sagging around the knees, or more refined arms.  These are the common areas that are treated. If you are a bit anxious, a mild combination of oral medications may be prescribed and taken about forty-five minutes prior to a procedure that makes the procedure much easier to tolerate. This, however, requires a ride from a responsible adult and someone to stay with you until the medications wear off about four to six hours later.

During the procedure I will anesthetize the regions to be treated with a local anesthetic mixture. This numbs the area and is often times the most and only uncomfortable portion. If I’m doing my job well I have distracted you through witty conversation or music which makes this part of the process more tolerable. Many patients bring their earbuds and own music to use as a distraction as well. The numbing solution sets for about 10 to 15 minutes prior to starting any treatment. Once the treatment starts, the process takes about an hour or a little bit less. Patients tend to be quite comfortable. Of all of the places that we have seen more discomfort, it is the area around the knees.

There may be some swelling and occasional bruising, but this is considered a minimal to no down time procedure. Except for the neck and jawline, most patients may return to all routine and social activity immediately. With the face, there may be one to two days of swelling that may keep one out of social situations.   We supply facial treatment patients with a very attractive (think ghost of Marley) facial wrap that Velcro’s  at the top of the head and helps control the early swelling and subsequently return to social activity.  Think about your colleague who recently had “dental work.”

As with any non-invasive to micro-invasive procedures there is not (sadly) an immediate result.  This is both good and frustrating.  I am as impatient as the next person. The procedure sets up a remodeling response that restores your collagen and internal support architecture back to a more youthful and toned appearance.  This takes time; sometimes six to nine months. This way no one is staring, looking or questioning what was done. The gradual results are great for this conservative D.C. society that is often less than open about cosmetic enhancements.

6 Months
15 Months

This procedure is great for those who want a little pick me up and toning in certain areas but do not have an extensive amount of available downtime. It may be used to tone a facelift result that has started to age after 5 to 7 years.  Perking up breasts that have aged through weight fluctuations and childbearing is possible without scars. Adding some focused fat grafting can restore volume simultaneously. Most importantly this is a versatile energy based device with a unique technology to monitor and achieve reliable temperature thresholds necessary to deliver consistent results.

Check out typical results and some of the other applications such as vaginal rejuvenation, treatment of hyperhidrosis, and “Botox-like” effect that may last up to two years – Click Here

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