Liposuction vs. Less-Invasive Treatments For Body Fat Reduction

Woman body in perfect form cosmetic cellulite treatment Whether you are just starting to develop an aesthetic treatment routine or plan, or if your current plan is not delivering the results you want, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery can be challenging. Although many cosmetic surgical procedures have been safely performed for years and come with minimal side effects, you may still have significant concerns.

When addressing stubborn body fat and excess weight, many non- or less-invasive treatment options can help when a healthy diet and frequent exercise are not enough. These treatments include using radio-frequency (RF) or thermal energy (either heat or cold) to affect the fat cells below the skin.

Although these are very effective at removing small to moderate amounts of body fat with minimal risks, there are a few drawbacks. These treatments cause the fat cells under the skin to break and leak. Your body then “cleans up” the dead cells with normal metabolic processes.

These treatments rarely require anesthesia and are pain-free, with little to no recovery.

However, since the fat cells are not physically removed from your body, there is a chance they can rebuild themselves, and the body fat can return. Although this rarely occurs enough to cause the same body fat to return, it may require additional treatments. Also, these treatments may only reach some fat cells in the treatment area.

For a more permanent removal of more significant amounts of fat, liposuction has been a go-to option for many people. Although a more-invasive surgical procedure, liposuction physically and permanently removes the fat cells from the treatment area from the inside. A healthy diet and lifestyle are required to entirely prevent the fat cells from returning.

If you have stubborn body fat or excess weight that does not go away with a healthy diet or exercise, the team at West End Plastic Surgery in Washington, D.C., can help you decide if liposuction or a less-invasive treatment is right for you and your aesthetic goals. Call 202-785-4187 or visit to schedule an appointment today.

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