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What really made me go towards Dr. Ruff was that I liked his ideas on surgery. He not only told me what he thought I needed and why, but he was the only doctor to include a diet and exercise plan as part of the surgery. High protein diet before and after to help the healing process. Exercise begins the day after surgery. He said I should be back at my gym normal routine in 4‐6 weeks. Surgery would be one day, instead of spanning a year and a half. Also, he explains everything. He tells you why and how. He's so personable, and I felt safe, and confident in his abilities.

Words cannot fully express how grateful I am to this doctor. He has operated on my mother twice and each time has treated her like she was family. He was gentle, took a ton of time with her before, during and after each procedure. Each visit always had lots of hugs, laughs and a few tears of gratitude. That is my experience of Dr. Ruff the humanitarian. As for Dr. Ruff the surgeon he is precise, artful and by the book. My mother waited to have her face corrected (from Bell's Palsy) for decades out of fear of picking the wrong surgeon. On one hand it was painful for her to live with the outer reminder of this condition for so long, but on the other hand it was well worth the wait. Dr. Ruff did an amazing job and really changed my mother's life. He will forever be apart of our family.

I wanted a breast reduction since I was 15. My whole demeanor has changed. I am more confident, I feel like I can do more, I feel more attractive. It's much less painful to do everyday things – small things like cross my arms, lie on my stomach, especially play piano. Dr. Ruff's professionalism, patience, and expertise never made me feel unsure of uncomfortable. This process was so easy it was almost too good to be true. Thanks again.

I came to Dr Ruff slightly over a month ago. Because of what I am having corrected my appointments are frequent, and the challenges that I came to the office with were significant. From making the first appointment via phone to the care I recieve from Dr. Ruff and his entire team, my entire process has been beyond my expectations. I won't be able to convey my thanks enough to Dr. Ruff and his staff for how they are treating me. The team is polite, efficient, professional, friendly, and extremely competent. The amount of confidence I have in my process is amazing and I owe it all to the team, I would gladly share further reference with anyone considering this office – you will be so happy with your decision to trust yourself in their hands.

From Vitals

Dr. Ruff and his staff have been professional and helpful from the moment I called for a consultation. I had a "mommy makeover" (tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lipo). Dr. Ruff was able to fix a mini tummy tuck I had a few years back, which left me with a belly button only an inch from my pubic hair line. Michelle, his coordinator, put us in a wonderful hotel the night before, and we stayed a second night. Dr. Ruff came to the room I was in so that I wouldn't have to leave my room the next morning for my post‐op. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and so far I am very pleased with the work!!! I would definitely refer him to anyone looking to improve their appearance both surgically and non‐surgically!!!!!

Doctor Ruff 8 years ago did a augmentation implantation (breast implants) and from the moment I met him I was amazed! Then further just after surgery the results were amazing and here I am just as pleased from day one as I am now 8 years later! Mine look as great today as they did after the bruising went away! And I was back at work 2 days after surgery! I love the man! He is a genius! Thank you! I believe whole heatedly he is a 10 in my book!

I've always had extra skin over my eyes (hooded). I saw Dr. Ruff's before/after's and was quite impressed. A couple of weeks after that, I did the surgery. I'm extra happy and look rested and bright‐eyed. The scar is fading/healing well and the symmetry is great. He took just enough off and it looks natural; my close friends just commented on how great I looked but couldn't pinpoint exactly what had changed. He's a caring, kind man too.

Dr. Ruff is the greatest, he did my tummy tuck back in 2002, after undergoing a gastric bypass. I know I was one of his complicated patients, but he was always so kind to me. Went over everything with me and his staff was wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Ruff and he doesn't know yet he will be doing my thigh lift very soon Lol.

Have been going to Dr. Ruff for over a year now for Botox and injectables. The results have been great. Frown lines and laugh lines are gone. Face looks much more contoured due to injectables. I have been able to avoid surgery as a result! Botox and these injectables are just a Godsend. I think Ruff has an excellent eye for where to do the injections. I look forward to further treatments and no surgery (for now!)

From Yelp

5 Stars!!
I will start by saying that Dr. Ruff deserves these 5 stars. After getting married I gained some love weight. By love weight I mean I went from 145lbs to 225lbs. Needless to say I had a huge stomach. My self‐confidence was hit hard since my whole life I was pretty slim. I expressed my concern to my primary doctor and he referred me to Dr. Ruff. I was very nervous since I had never had any other surgery.

I went in for my consultation with Dr. Ruff and immediately felt very comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and his staff is great. They are like a family. After my consultation I made my appointment to get liposuction on my mid‐section and flanks. I am a full time student so I was a little concerned about recovery. I did not want to miss school so I had the procedure done during spring break.

The procedure was completed right in the office and I ended up getting a room at the hotel across the street for my follow up the next day. The whole experience was very seamless. I came in with reasonable expectations of results but I have been blown away.

It has now been about 4 months after the procedure and I have lost over 50 lbs. (still losing weight). My waist shrunk from a 38 to a 32 and 32 is a little big. My body couture is amazing. I see muscles I haven't seen in a while. Everybody is amazed at how great I look. They even say they can notice it in my face and arms. I always respond I didn't have anything done there. lol.

Needless to say the procedure was SUPER worth it. I haven't really been exercising as I should but I do watch what I eat now. I am writing this because if you are thinking about getting liposuction done then definitely go see Dr. Ruff for a consultation. He is the BEST!

I am now always without a shirt and my confidence is back. Thank you Dr. Ruff and team for a seamlessly pleasant experience and a boost of confidence I needed!
Gerald P.

I went to Dr. Ruff to have a breast reduction and to have my eyes done. I wanted someone who was talented, professional, and someone who knew the latest in plastics techniques. I visited 4 different physicians in my search and decided to go with Dr. Ruff. Dr. Ruff was the only doctor who listened to what I wanted and told me he understood my concerns. He is smart and funny. His office staff is great, from Cody up front, to Katherine and Sharonda and wonderful Dr. Somenek! His office is aesthetically pleasing and clean; I know this sounds like a strange comment, but 1 of the plastic surgeons I visited actually gave me a MUCH higher estimate than Dr. Ruff and her office was messy, disorganized and she was wearing a dirty lab coat...and I was her 1st patient of the day!!!

If you live in and around DC, go with Dr. Ruff, he is the BEST in town!

It's been almost three years now, so it's about time I update my review on Lori the Great. As discussed in my previous review, I have been seeing Lori for my Botox and over the past year have expanded to include other injectables as well as laser treatments and have been using Dr. Ruff's own personal line of skin care projects. I really love this practice. Lori continues to perfect her craft of giving me Botox and making me not look like Melanie Griffith but rather a well‐rested and fabulous 33 year old. At my request, she has made suggestions for some RX creams that I use and has worked with me to stay within my budget. Extremely happy with results.

In January of 2015 I had invasive Mohs surgery to remove skin cancer, a cancer first noticed by Lori that my dermatologist missed. I have received treatments on the scar, including laser and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments so now the scar is barely noticeable. If you have a scar that needs to removal or lightening, give Lori a shout and she'll fix you up.

I've also met with Dr. Ruff for a breast aug but will hold off for personal reasons.

The environment here is lovely, clean, and fun. Cody works the front desk and keeps things organized. I've never had a double booked appointment, missed appointment, etc and he's quick on the phone to book me. If you follow Ruff on Facebook, they have great events like bank your Botox, specials on facials, and numerous charity events.

Lori does my botox and I love her to death. She does half doses which allow your forehead to remain fluid and not have that weird "shit, that broad got botox" look. Her prices are also very reasonable, I think it's $14 a unit. I usually end up paying $300‐$360 depending on how long it's been since my last touch up.

I've had injections by others, including medical doctors, and Lori has always done the best job. Your forehead will not feel heavy and your eyebrow arch will be natural. The front desk staff is also extremely friendly, fun, sassy... everything you'd want from a medical spa and plastic surgeon. Not sure where these weird reviews of "the front desk was snotty" come from... if anything, out of all of the plastic surgery offices, this staff takes the cakes for coolest cats in America. Trust me, I've been around the proverbial plastic surgery block, this place is top notch.
Wendi L.

I've had wonderful service here from Dr. Somenek, Kelley and Lori who follow up to emails I've sent post procedures. The front desk staff is always friendly and my appointments on time. I've gone to other places, but always end up returning here as their expertise is top notch and the results come out better. They don't push anything on you but are very knowledgeable of their craft.
Lemon C.

5 stars all the way!!! Best injectors in the DMV and their Medical Esthetician Kellye is by far the best in helping you with any skin issues.
Marty W.

I am giving 5 stars to Ruff Plastic Surgery because of Norah Gourlay! I have had a couple of laser treatments with Norah and she took the time to explain the process and answered all of my questions. I am very sensitive about my skin issues but I always feel very comfortable discussing my treatments + skin care with her and feel overjoyed after dealing with it for so long. I know she has the best plan for me. I have been to a lot of places for a treatment plan + results and nothing compares to Norah at Ruff Plastic Surgery, I am FINALLY getting unbelievable results. If you go to Norah also ask her about Zo Medical products. I have been using the Oilacleanse wash and Cebatrol pads (recommended by Norah) which cleans all of the dirt, oil and makeup off my face! I highly recommend going to Norah for JUVEDERM as well! Ruff Plastic Surgery has a warm and welcoming atmosphere! If you are unsure about getting Botox, cosmetic surgery, or a procedure, start by making an appointment for a consultation!
Krista T.

Below is an excerpt from my blog, and my reasons for selecting Dr. Ruff. After both my surgeries, I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

A while back, over a year ago, I think... I went to go see three plastic surgeons for my excess skin issues. All three doctors had different methods, but said just about the same thing... I need a full body lift. In addition to that, I want to get the skin under my arms and inner thighs fixed. The first doctor I went to just because my insurance took him, I don't even remember his name. I did some research on him afterwards and I didn't like some of his reviews, so I decided against him.

#2 was Dr. Mark Richards. This is the man that did all plastic surgery for Linda Tripp. He also created the underarm surgery where the scar is in your arm pit. His methods are to do the surgery in parts. It would take about a year and a half to do all the surgeries. Front & thighs, back, then arms. His surgery was also done in a clinic, and not in a hospital. He was also the most expensive one, but by breaking up the surgeries, you had more time to save in between them.

#3 was Dr. Ruff. He is voted one of top doctors in D.C. all the time. His method includes doing one surgery. He also didn't think I needed the inner thigh, as when I do the abdominoplasty, it will pull up my inner thighs to where I won't need surgery. He didn't think that Dr. Richards arm pit scar surgery would be beneficial to me. He said he could do it, but I wouldn't like the results. He was a bit cheaper than Dr. Richards but not enough to sway me one way or the other.

With both doctors I asked about babies... I haven't had them yet, but obviously want them soon. Both doctors agree there is no need to wait after surgery. My aunt, the doctor, and her husband, the plastic surgeon agreed. They even said I should do it before even thinking of having kids. They both also said I'm carrying around about 25‐30lbs of excess skin. Holy Pooh.

*Note: My aunt and uncle are in Venezuela. My uncle does not specialize in the surgery I am looking for. I did get information from another doctor there, but he said he would do the surgery in parts as well. I can't be in Venezuela for two years. Shep and work may not like that idea!

What really made me go towards Dr. Ruff was that I liked his ideas on surgery. He not only told me what he thought I needed and why, but he was the only doctor to include a diet and exercise plan as part of the surgery. High protein diet before and after to help the healing process. Exercise begins the day after surgery. He said I should be back at my gym normal routine in 4‐6 weeks. Surgery would be one day, instead of spanning a year and a half. Also, he explains everything. He tells you why and how. He's so personable, and I felt safe, and confident in his abilities.
Elena R

I am always so impressed with how professional and friendly this staff is. Dr. Ruff is an artist and always takes his time and makes sure you are comfortable. For the month of October all proceeds of non‐surgical treatments go to breast cancer research. That is quite impressive and just makes me love them even more. They are a little more expensive but you'll be happy you paid it for the results.. A++
Erika F

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