Where to begin? I’ve been a patient at West End Plastic Surgery for about 3 years. I followed the most amazing Aesthetician Bonnie and the most amazing RN Botox injector Christy from being a patient at their former office. These ladies are as beautiful inside as they are outside, which is a tremendous benefit, if not a prerequisite when you’re trusting someone with your face! I’d always say, “make my skin look as good as yours” when asked what my skin goals were.

Bonnie is so personable, generous with her time and advice and so gracious. She gives the most amazing facials that actually clean the bacteria out of the pores. I also love the mild glycolic treatments as well as stronger Jessner chemical peels in the winter. She gives the best post-care instructions to heal fast and look your best. While Bonnie never pushes products, she recently gave me a customized regimen and I noticed an immediate improvement in the overall health and appearance of my skin (currently loving the IS clinical line of serums that have improved my melasma/hyperpigmentation). I have significant discoloration thanks to years of sun damage and tanning beds (yuck, I know!) and Bonnie has worked with me on finding the best procedure to treat the damage. Via the aforementioned serums and my new obsession, a virtually painless laser, I’ve noticed a significant improvement after only two treatments! As well as a preventative approach with the most effective sunscreen. She’s the best!

Christy is the most patient and kind injector you’ll ever meet. She’s been injecting me with Botox for about 5 years and she is so honest, with a conservative expert approach to her profession. Example: “Christy, give me enough botox to make me look 5 years younger”, she could have easily upsold me on many more units, but instead insisted that we start slow and see the result. I love her, “you can always add more later” approach. How refreshing that she genuinely looks out for your best interest. Christy takes her time and answers all my questions, no matter how silly, and never makes me feel rushed during consultations. I’ve had Botox and filler under my eyes and in my cheeks, again, with no pain and a natural, freshened-up look. I just saw Christy last week for a cystic node on my jawline. She concocted a customized cortisone injection and the horrid monstrosity was gone, like completely gone, the next day! She’s like an amazing magician.

The WEPS office is conveniently located for me, and I’m so impressed with the steps they’ve taken during COVID: I show up and filled out a quick questionnaire regarding any COVID exposure, they took my temperature and oxygen level and review the safety protocol including wiping down EVERYTHING with sanitizing wipes, wearing masks, shields, and gloves during the treatment and even using an ionizing spray in the room and special mouthwash to kill anything viral. I felt safer than I did at my own doctor’s office. When I commented to the ladies that their effort to minimize any exposure during this pandemic was above and beyond my expectations, they quickly shared credit with their team led by the amazing office administrator Deb. These humble professionals really feel like a family.

I highly recommend Bonnie and Christy, a truly amazing dynamic duo who have helped me look my best and feel more confident on my journey to achieving all my skin goals. I’m so thankful to have found them as I trust their advice on an important investment in myself and the biggest organ in the human body, our skin! Here’s to looking your most fabulous. -S.C.

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