I was looking to improve the contour of my body after a “gaining phase” of muscle hypertrophy-focused weight training. I already knew about the reputation of Dr. Ruff and WEPS in the Georgetown area and went to him. I had one virtual consultation and one in-office consultation prior to the procedures. The virtual consultation ended up being free of charge once I decided to pursue in-office consultation. Before my virtual consultation, Dr. Ruff didn’t know how committed I was to the procedures. Yet, he still spent time reviewing pictures that I emailed to him. The virtual consultation was informative and reassuring. Most importantly, Dr. Ruff demonstrated to me an artistic view/taste as a “sculptor”, in addition to procedural proficiency as a surgeon. During the in-office consultation, Dr. Ruff was attentive to details regarding my long-term surgical and health outcome. He made sure I didn’t have a family history of breast cancer and asked me to cough to check for any risk of tissue herniation. We decided on the following procedures: liposuction of the abdomen and flank (almost 360 degrees around my torso); fat grafting to the hip, buttocks, and breasts; submental liposuction, and buccal fat removal. My surgery was rescheduled once out of abundant covid precaution. My pre-op nurse Sharonda was particularly helpful in this case. She responded to my emails timely and re-sent prescriptions that I wasn’t able to pick up due to the changed surgery date. On the day of surgery, my surgical nurse Jill was with me from the time I arrived until I was picked up safely outside the medical/surgical office building. I received local numbing and inhalable Pro-Nox as anesthetics for the procedure. I think going this route rather than general anesthesia contributed to my good surgical outcome – my muscle was under tension rather than being completely flaccid, which may facilitate Dr. Ruff to better “sculpt” the body contour. Dr. Ruff carefully marked me up before surgery. I “casually” mentioned dissatisfaction about extra tissue in my armpits when my arms were let loose on my sides. Dr. Ruff “went the extra distance” to address this concern, simply because I mentioned it during the marking-up process. The surgery started on time and lasted about 3.5 hours. My mobility was not compromised much immediately after surgery – I walked out of the building, went to pick up prescriptions from CVS, and got into the car all by myself. My nurse Jill was with me till I waved goodbye to her through the car window. I took prescription pain medication on the day of surgery and the day after. Then I was able to conduct daily life without any pain meds (OTC or prescription). Dr. Ruff called me the night of surgery and saw me for a post-op appointment the day after surgery. He responded to my texts whenever I had questions. When I was in the office for MedSculpt treatment 2 weeks after surgery, Dr. Ruff made the extra effort to “pop-in”, saw me, and evaluated my healing process and level of compression I needed in the upcoming weeks, even though he didn’t have to do all these. I am beyond happy about my results so far. My waistline and its transition to hips came out more elegant than I had expected. I myself didn’t have the insight that a small amount of fat grafting to the hips would truly “elevate” my shape. Dr. Ruff was able to foresee it and executed it well. I look forward to my results further “solidifying”. I have expressed my willingness to let WEPS present my “before and after” transformation if they so choose. -H.Y.

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