“Below is an excerpt from my blog, and my reasons for selecting Dr. Ruff. After both my surgeries, I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

A while back, over a year ago, I think… I went to go see three plastic surgeons for my excess skin issues. All three doctors had different methods, but said just about the same thing… I need a full body lift. In addition to that, I want to get the skin under my arms and inner thighs fixed. The first doctor I went to just because my insurance took him, I don’t even remember his name. I did some research on him afterwards and I didn’t like some of his reviews, so I decided against him.

#2 was Dr. Mark Richards. This is the man that did all plastic surgery for Linda Tripp. He also created the underarm surgery where the scar is in your arm pit. His methods are to do the surgery in parts. It would take about a year and a half to do all the surgeries. Front & thighs, back, then arms. His surgery was also done in a clinic, and not in a hospital. He was also the most expensive one, but by breaking up the surgeries, you had more time to save in between them.

#3 was Dr. Ruff. He is voted one of top doctors in D.C. all the time. His method includes doing one surgery. He also didn’t think I needed the inner thigh, as when I do the abdominoplasty, it will pull up my inner thighs to where I won’t need surgery. He didn’t think that Dr. Richards arm pit scar surgery would be beneficial to me. He said he could do it, but I wouldn’t like the results. He was a bit cheaper than Dr. Richards but not enough to sway me one way or the other.

With both doctors I asked about babies… I haven’t had them yet, but obviously want them soon. Both doctors agree there is no need to wait after surgery. My aunt, the doctor, and her husband, the plastic surgeon agreed. They even said I should do it before even thinking of having kids. They both also said I’m carrying around about 25‐30lbs of excess skin. Holy Pooh.

*Note: My aunt and uncle are in Venezuela. My uncle does not specialize in the surgery I am looking for. I did get information from another doctor there, but he said he would do the surgery in parts as well. I can’t be in Venezuela for two years. Shep and work may not like that idea!

What really made me go towards Dr. Ruff was that I liked his ideas on surgery. He not only told me what he thought I needed and why, but he was the only doctor to include a diet and exercise plan as part of the surgery. High protein diet before and after to help the healing process. Exercise begins the day after surgery. He said I should be back at my gym normal routine in 4‐6 weeks. Surgery would be one day, instead of spanning a year and a half. Also, he explains everything. He tells you why and how. He’s so personable, and I felt safe, and confident in his abilities.” ~ Elena R.

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